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How to add new Fields to Contact form on TB?


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is it possible to add new field to contact form on tb? this used to work a long time ago. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/134877-solved-tutorial-custom-contact-page-forms/ tho it was PS: 1.4.ish

i think this could be improved from Prestashop an add field to contact form. wink Telephone anyone? /wink

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@SLiCK_303 maybe you can help me with this:

i need to integrate CMS-content into the contact-form.tpl ,
let's say i have created an CMS content called "privacy2" and i want to integrate this in the form (no checkbox or other things are needed, only integrate the content -plain text- from privacy2 into the contact-form.tpl

The content just should appear in a box with similar size than the "message box", and should be scrollable, as it would be about 2 pages full with thext (informations regarding GDPR....).

I tried this with:

but this loads not only the content of CMS, it loads the whole site into the iframe.

I only need the content from the "CMS ID 6" in the iframe. How to do this? thank you

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