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Can't login to back office after migrating shop to another domain




I transfered my Thirty bees shop to another domain (atcdpharma.com). However, after migration when I tried to login I get an error: Emloyee doesn't exist or password invalid. I have tried to reset password several times using forgoten password but it didn't work. I have also tried to reset pasword manually from cpanel phpmyadminbut still can't login to the backoffice.

Please, somebody help!

I have read through all relevant threads on this forum and also on prestashop forum and haven't found the solution.

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@lesley Hello Lesley, After I added the column the error with the employee was resolved, but I also got the following error:


Table 'atcdphardatabase.pssmartylastflush' doesn't exist

SELECT UNIXTIMESTAMP(lastflush) AS last_flush FROM ps_smarty_last_flush WHERE type='compile' LIMIT 1

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