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looking for image compressor module


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I am still working on the best workflow for getting the most (well, near that) out of my product images on the visual and size side.

I am in the process of learning how to shoot products with flashlights at home. My aim is to get a 100% white background. That is not easy when taking photos of teddy bears with white flur :)

Anyhow, my workflow at the moment is this: I copy my /img/ folder from the live server to my local machine. Then I use TotalCommaner to make a search on all images that contain a "-". I delete the match. What remains is the original image I once uploaded. At least I think this is the case. Might be that I am wrong here. And caution - there are poduct image module that tough the originals (not only those that are created via /backoffice). for example M. Dekkers very cool ImageMagic module.

Anyhow, then I got all the original images left in their original fodlers and subfolder. The idea is now to optimize them and compress them and eventually to upload the whole folder tree back to ThirtyBees image folder. On the live host then I go to backoffice images and start rerendering all the needed sizes with the option to delete! all old images.

Bottom line is that I hope to get in this way the smallest and best looking images on my shop.

Question is, if that workflow and thinking is correct and which way to shrink the images (in batch). Yes, you could even batch optimize them with Lightroom or whatever with auto optimizations like sharpening or what ever. On a Windows machine I know lots of nice tools like Irfan or Xnview that can utilize pngoptout, riotpng or what ever to batch shrink files. On sourceforge you even find the mega tool "FileOptimizer" that knows hundres of nice algos to shrink files even lossless.

On the other hand there also nice SAS/WWW services like resmush.it / Panda / Kraken.io that promise to do the same on the fly with all images. But they cost as far as I know. However, good news is that there are to be found still some olf and free modules for smush.it that has new API now. I could not recode them sadly to use the new API. May be that is something for the gods of Code of Thirtybees :) There is also an old module I found where you can choose which folders/subfolder to look for images to optimize via resmush.it. Topical seems to be this one I found via google: "WAGOOD smushit"

However, I did not find the right and satefactory way for now. Perhaps you know a nice way?

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Hey, we have two companies that support thirty bees that have image compression modules, both of them use kraken. Here are links to the modules.




Kraken is a paid service, but it produces great quality and small images.

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