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Unable to batch upload products



Good morning everyone, I am having an issue with the csv products upload batch and was wondering if anyone have seen it before and knows what is happening.

  1. I am able to batch upload just fine all my producst and get all the images created on my local XAMPP setup using the same php version. I am running php 5.6.30 locally on an OSX Sierra computer. Online is Debian 3.16.39 with php 5.6.30 as well. Thirtybees 1.0.3.

  2. I am running imagemagick on both servers using the TB extension as well. Mind you, I did test with or without it and it did not make a difference so it is not related to it.

  3. All my products have 3 images to create, if I change all my products to use only one image in the csv (always the same) it will create them all without issues.

  4. With imagemagick turned ON, it is creating only 5 products. With it turned OFF, I could create 10 once but it crashed as well. (when products have 3 images)

  5. The error says nothing, I have nothing in the logs, nothing in the php logs either. If I turn debug mode ON I get nothing more usefull either.

  6. After the error as been outputted, the script continue and creates the 5 first products (checking in the TB products table, it is taking from 1 to 2 minutes to get them all created, they keep going until the fifth is eventually created and does not go further).

So there is some kind of a loop that seems to be creating them 5 by 5 and does not move to the next iteration apparently.

This was a long post, sorry, trying to give as much infos as possible. Thanks for any help, screenshot of the error follows.

0_1512141156670_Capture d’écran 2017-12-01 à 09.47.18.png

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As per my isp: The errors in the logs just say the process aborted.

Still waiting for them to send me the actual log file.

The only difference from my test computer is that FPM/FastCGI is used on the external server while I am using Apache 2.0 Handler as a server API locally.

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