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Suggestion for specific prices customer group selection and exclusion


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Specific prices can be restricted to certain customer groups, but it's either that all customer groups are included or only one customer group that is included. One cannot select multiple customer groups that are not all customer groups.

That means that if one wants to use a specific price for 3 out of 4 customer groups, one needs to create 3 separate specific prices for each of the 3 customer groups.

A more efficient solution would be to be able to select multiple customer groups at once, either positively (to include) or negatively (to exclude).

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I think there is a misunderstanding.


The "All groups" bit allows only one customer group to be selected. But you might want to exclude one customer group, so multiple groups are included in the specific price. This is currently not possible and requires that you create specific prices for each group separately except for the one group that shouldn't receive a specific price.

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I'll try again, as the issue just popped up and reminded me of this thread.


I have the specific prices you see. They apply to all customer groups. I can only choose that they apply to all customer groups or to 1 single customer group.

I have 4 customer groups.

I'd like to have a specific price that applies to 3 of those 4 customer groups (eg customers, guests, visitors). I'd like a different specific price for the 4th customer group (B2B).

The only way for me to do this is to make 4 specific prices.

It would be easier if I could make 2 specific prices:

1 for customer groups 1-3 and 1 for customer group 4.

In order to do that, I would need to be able to select multiple customer groups and not just 1 or all.

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