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Can we please have the upvote colored when we voted?


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I will clarify the up down arrow at first glance I thought was a quick up page down page. When you hover over them nothing tells you what they are for. So I am getting these up-votes and I am like I would like to be able to do that for a good post too. Just didn't know how to do it. Found this post & was told how to do it.

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It can be an easy fix with CSS:

Increasing class "votes" font size to have them more visible And change the color for class "upvoted" to GREEN and to class "downvoted" to RED so if you upvote or downvote the selected arrow will be GREEN or RED.

Example: 0_1516355675970_72658ebf-d445-47a7-b00b-099c1facf873-image.png

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