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Getting a TB module created advise needed


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I am in the process of moving my site over from PS 1.6 to TB but I do require a module be created for a feature that isn't implemented that i need. I am not a coder so will be getting a developer to create the module for me but I want to know what the plans are for future TB versions when it comes to modules? Will a module made for TB version 1 be compatible with future versions of TB? I don't want to end up in the situation like with Prestashop where you move to a new version of the software and old modules don't work especially if I have to pay someone to write modules for me.

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Inventoryshource.com is the company and they do an meta integration with other dropship suppliers.

So you don't have to do a custom integration with each supplier to handle the quirks of their inventory feeds. Just use their integration and sign up with the dropshipper that they support and they handle the rest.

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