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20% OFF For 6 Months on Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting For Thirty Bees


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Air is misty and filled with the sound of jingles. Chimneys are clean, and stockings are pinned to the shelves – waiting to get filled.

You get the point…!!


Sign up on Cloudways Platform and use the Promo Code: HAPPY2018. You will get an astounding 20% OFF on the next SIX invoices. This gift is our contribution to the success of your Thirty Bees project.

Now, remember that this deal comes with amazing Cloudways features such as 1-CLICK Installation of Thirty Bees, FREE SSL, FREE Migrations, Industry Standard Security, Automated Backups and 24×7 Support by Cloud Experts.

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@alwayspaws Loyal customers are rewarded with better support and new features. As everyone knows that recently Cloudways have launched CloudwaysCDN which is just $1 per month; I mean, these are the best rewards that current customers receive after some time.

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@fay_php said in 20% OFF For 6 Months on Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting For Thirty Bees:

@lesley I came here not to advertise only and ran away. I am willing to see how can we grow this community further and how Cloudways can make a good impact on Thirty Bees.

In addition to what @lesley said, I don’t believe you should suggest that our global moderators and “owners” ( loosely phrased since this is open source) of our community be referred to your site to ask for compatible updates.

Aren’t you a partner? Therefore, you should do what is best for us and not send us back to your site to request the latest versions of your hosting features.

The point of this reply is that you will be making money from people who sign up for your hosting, while what our global moderators are doing is basically working very hard, for free.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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