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What tool for Mac to compare and merge files for theme updates?


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What Free and intuitive tool can I use for the Mac to compare and merge files for theme updates?

I’m hoping to update my transformer theme to latest version 3 for PS 1.6.

This link discusses some but I don’t have any experience with finding and merging file changes. I only need it for a one time use. Not ongoing.


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Have you ever used it to check code differences between different versions of themes? There are hundreds of files that have been changed.

I just checked out that link and “TextWrangler is not compatible with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).”

It’s suggests BBedit which doesn’t look very promising either.

Jonny said he uses svn but since it’s apache, it looks a little complicated. Thoughts?


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I'm on high sierra and TW 5.5.2 works. I installed BBEdit and is the same as TW, I'm going to BBedit (free) now as TW seems to not getting updated anymore.

Hundred of files changes... but do you merge them automatically? Don't you manually review them before merging?

All depends on how often you are going to do this updates... you could setup a private GitHub (has a price) or install the alternative GitLab (never used) and

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@lesley Yes, because I’m using old version: Transformer Version 3.2.9 for PS 1.6 / THIRTY BEES and the theme is up to version 3.3.5.

I constantly have to ask Jonny for custom CSS codes and other changes. There was another bug just now that they fixed the file for me for.

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@FooLab I keep folders of updated and changed files and templates on my hard drive so that I have a general idea of all the changes I’ve made. But it’s still a lot of them.

Also, if I have to deal with PHP I’m up the creek because I don’t know how to do that at all. Whatever I use has to be free for now.

And by the way I did not have transformer for three years. I just happened to download an old version when I bought it but I didn’t know that.

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