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[MODULE FREE] Optimize / lightweight your images with ImageOptim


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This module use resmush.it, this service is free, no need to create account.

I only test on ThirtyBees vanilla shop, so, with the 25 pictures. But with this few example of pictures, we can see some good improvements. The default quality on resmush.it is 92%, you can save, at least, the half of weight.

This is the result for the first picture by type:

  • cart_default 49.2480%
  • home_default 38.5990%
  • homedefaultsmaller 39.2715%
  • homedefaultsmallest 39.3455%
  • large_default 35.5159%
  • medium_default 44.2768%
  • small_default 42.4338%
  • thickbox_default 49.5750%

The percentage is (weight after / weight before * 100)

To get an optimized picture, just push on the generate button, wait 1 second, the new picture is write on the right directory, and you get the save weigth of the process. For now, you have to push the button for each picture.

Some stuff doesn't works yet like: * choose the quality, * the genenaration by lot, * checking quality by viewing, etc...

I ll do it later.

If you just want to test before, stay in demo mode, all optimized images will be in the same directory than genuine ones, with '_opt.jpg' in the name.

Everything is not totaly perfect, so, if you have some suggestions, don't hesitate to let them there.

You can download the module there or check it on my github page.


MAJ 1 : Add error msg, jquery growl and animated button

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First off, to install this you need to change the name in the zip file from ImageOptim-master, to just ImageOptim. After that when you hit install on it, it takes forever for it to come up in it's configuration menu, I assume because it is processing all your images. Next, I have 31208 results it comes up with, I don't think there is a chance in hell I'm going to click on these individually to re-mush my sites images! So, getting the 'generation by lot' thing going, is going to be a must to make this a practical module. Its a good idea though, keep working on it. These are the results I got on the one image I did do...0_1518644323727_Capture.PNG

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I'll try to fix the name in ImageOptim-master. and looks for the integration in module store.

@SLiCK_303, whouhaou, have 31208 results, it's really a lot, i will try a way for the ‘generation by lot’. I don't understand why you get so bad conversion rate, my test are only why default images but should be same with other images.

@nickon, i'm not looking for a full compatibility with PS 1.6, but with only some few fixs, it's should working.


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