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JSON module not working



Hello there,

I have two 30bees-powered websites and for both I'd like to use the JSON Module (thanks for this one, btw.)

On the first page, which is an actual shop on a subdomain, it works as it's supposed to. The shop itself runs on 30bees 1.0.4

The other page runs on 30Bees 1.0.3 and is more for business-services (photography and stuff). On this page I don't see any JSON effects at all. You can take a look at herrmittmann.de

Both pages use the same JSON download/release (1.0.4). So it's not like one version is older or something...

What can I do to figure this out?

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Hmm, when I use Google's structured data testing tool, it doesn't detect this part :/

Oh, I have to partially correct myself. It seems to work on the third site. Perhaps I tested it too soon, or whatever.

So both 1.0.4 sites are fine.

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Arg, guys, I'm sorry, I was blind! :(

The Module works just fine. I was trying to use this "googleoff/on" code to hide my cookie-warning and there was a typing error. (with "--" at the end)

Because of that it messed up the whole following script...

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