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  1. Just letting you know guys I have few own modules.. Some of their functionality can be part of TB core like HTTP2 push, fast XML export with configurable schema.. I will share on github with community when Its ready and find spare time.
  2. pauld

    Server Move

    What server and thirtybees log is showing you?
  3. Why aren´t you minifying scripts and styles?
  4. Nice site thought you should start optimize for speed 1.4 seconds to generate content is too much.. I am under 500ms: Not using full page cache, but my own cache solution, currently deactivated for tested domain.. I also switched from jquery to zepto for front end, it is much more mobile friendly (less javascript parsing on mobile devices), and using my own HTTP2 push module for css and js resources.. CloudFlare is great for lightening your server among other things... when configured correctly..
  5. JSON module Update: https://github.com/thirtybees/jsonmodule/pull/5
  6. Figured it out.. After adding values to theme xml to both config files i found, there is a xml name mismatch. After changing /config/xml/themes/(theme name).xml to proper name, it work.
  7. I added values to theme config.xml and /config/xml/themes/(theme name).xml But i'm still unable to see option in admin image area for enabling lazy load. Cache cleaned.. Any solution for enabling lazy load in admin area after own theme changes for supportig lazy load?
  8. Availability to show products with price above user defined value! Pull request: https://github.com/thirtybees/blockbestsellers/pull/1
  9. pauld


    Fixed category generation of root category items: https://github.com/thirtybees/sitemap/pull/6
  10. pauld

    New Top menu sucks

    I just finished new feature! Menu can now automatically select image for submenu items. If feature is activated in backoffice, menu will choose one product (most valuable for now) from category, or subcategories and display cart_default image (for now). I have to reorder text and image also, for my own store. This is how it looks: Take a look at this commit: https://github.com/pauld-codes/blocktopmenu/commit/dab3820f2dc3f5db158b85ebeae59bb427a2262a![alt text](image url)
  11. Look at this fork: https://github.com/pauld-codes/blockinstockproducts Added ability to randomize product order. Maybe someone find it useful.
  12. Added ability to enable product order randomization: https://github.com/pauld-codes/blockinstockproducts
  13. pauld

    New Top menu sucks

    Take a look at this pull request: https://github.com/thirtybees/blocktopmenu/pull/1 This add ability to specify maximum lvl depth for menu, so you don't have to add item manually like in community top menu.
  14. I rewrited Cron module to be able to execute task with time execution tolerance, i find it usefull for shared hostings. Maybe you find it usefull too. In my case webhost is executing cron like every 10 minutes +- few minutes, so a lot of task didnt get executed. Here is cron task manager with this new feature: https://github.com/pdurko/cronjobs
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