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SEO question about sitemaps and the sitemap module


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I am looking at how the sitemap module handles media servers and CDNs. What is the general thought of the community? Currently, the module outputs the images to the CDN. Should the module skip the CDN url and output the canonical image address?

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Sure, like looking at this sitemap, http://redwrappings.com.au/1en1_sitemap.xml You might need to save it and explode it out something like PHP storm or something. You can see the image files are referenced to the CDN, but the CDN by default has https://cdn.redwrappings.com.au/robots.txt so it is denying the crawling of the images. This is common with some CDNs and an option with others.

I was wondering if it would be considered more beneficial to most people if the module just skipped the whole CDN and output the image urls to the source server.

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