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Then there must be some error in the updates, I did not update anything beyond the paypal outside the automatic update tb, I do not know how this updated module came to stop in the store

Thanks a lot for the help!

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Slick, could you be so nice to write a tutorial on how to use the cron module properly?

I used cronjobs.org and entered all cron urls from modules I needed and that worked flawlees most times. But I liked not to have to much external services so I can sleep better. So, I had a look at this module but I do not understand how it actually works. My hoster called Hetzner offers to me in its console also a cronjob form. But I failed to make use of it. I seem to miss the right schema to enter the jobs. Sometime I get error message like parameter ?token etc. not allowed. I think it is meant to load purely files but here I am lost. Is the module connected to host's own cron function? Do I enter all URLs I get from modules like the sitemap one into the TB cronjob module (V2.0 as you suggested) and then I have to make sure my host calls this module?

thank you

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You setup every job in the cronjob module, then schedule a task (plesk) to run those cron jobs. I'm not sure what its called in cPanel.

Do you use Plesk or cPanel on your server?

You setup your server to run a scheduled task, like this in plesk. Im not sure how to do it in cPanel as I dont use it, but I'm sure it called something different, but works basically the same. 0_1521028125994_Capture.PNG

Changing the Script path and token to whatever the cron job module says to use.

Also, I put in 0,5,10,15 0 * * *, because I have my cron jobs running at midnight, and 0 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins, and15 mins, four jobs. You can set yours to just run at * * * * *, to run at all times if you want.

Then in the cron jobs module you simply setup like this... 0_1521028607432_Capture.png

See how I have each job running at midnight, and 0, 5, 10, and 15 mins? Again you can run them at anytime you see fit, if you use * * * * * in your servers task setup.

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