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How do I clear the demo data after a fresh install



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If you want to start fresh, do so with a new installation. Delete the database, delete all the files, unpack the distribution again.

Then, on the page where you enter shop name, your name and such stuff, watch out for a checkbox "install demo data". It's checked by default, but can be changed.

That said, all these demo products are quite helpful when learning about how all the shop features work. Accordingly it might be a better idea to install them, then add your own products, then remove them. Having a second installation in a subfolder works for learning, too.

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Thanks for the information, I have a lot to do with, but your suggestion makes a lot of sense. I will try that. I appreciate the quick response you and a couple other forum users. That's very encouraging.

My next question which is down the road is about importing from an existing opencart 1.5 sql database. The database is seriously broken and disorganized. My son and I don't want to rebuild the entries one at a time due to the amount of items and description mistakes. however it might be easier to import and fix , then to create brand new.

Thanks for your information. It will help a lot. Jerald

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