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CSS for advancedeucompliance & rews module needed



I have some small issues with linebreaking and padding/margins in order to get a nicer looking product box: 0_1525706749778_2018-05-07 17_01_26-Holzspielzeug, Waldorf Spielzeug & Öko Spielzeug für Babies & Kinder - Grünes Sp.png

You see that the pre-reduced price addition breaks a nice layout.

1st: How can I fix that?

2nd: Many shops only show the essential information the module advancedeucompliance offers on product.tpl pages where the add to cart button is shown. Well, how can I achieve that? I need some display: none or so for the info block on homepage and product listings. I think that's it as long not other modules like cross selling or so view the add to cart button. I would use .aeuctaxlabel, .aeucshippinglabel {display: none !important} if I knew how to constrain it on all pages except product.tpl (I think that makes sense).

3rd: Revws module hook info block needs some more margin-top and perhaps a smaller font-size for the grade count. Well, I failed to change this, too. 0_1525707012542_2018-05-07 17_28_45-Holzspielzeug, Waldorf Spielzeug & Öko Spielzeug für Babies & Kinder - Grünes Sp.png

Perhaps if the 2nd question is solved 1st and 3rd are bogus :) I still use Warehouse theme by Iquit and I am happily willing to migrate to the comunity theme when I find the time to do so...

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Thanks Lesley, I see what you mean.

Actually I had to increase .content_price: 82px I hope that does not break other layout features like responsiveness and that such that is safe to use ;)

Any tip on how to display: none the advancedeucompliance module on all occasion (also cross selling module and so on) except the product page?

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How can I hide the on all pages (and modules that show products like cross selling) except the product page?

Or best would be since I like the "before" reduction price display to hide: aeuctaxlabel aeucshippinglabel

I am pretty sure even after the new European law for ecommerce and consumer satisfaction ;) we need this info only where it is possible to 'buy' (add to cart button) the product. This is only possible on the product page in my shop since only there appears the add to cart button.

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