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Hiperlink with just "final part"



Hi, I am using multistore "all shops" option to edit different stores at the same time. But when I am editing hyperlinks I am facing one problem with TB way of managing it (the same than PS).

It is difficult to understand but I will do my best.

In my shop I have one version per country + 1 international version including all languages.


2 stores: - www.lesielle.com/int/en/ - www.lesielle.com/us/

Both share the same language (english) so I edit both at the same time.

If I want to create a link to a specific page like https://www.lesielle.com/........./shop

The links per each shop should be

https://www.lesielle.com/int/en/shop https://www.lesielle.com/us/shop

If I add the link in the english version (shared by the two stores), this link is going to be copied to both versions. The problem is that the destination page is not the same in both cases.

To solve this I should edit version per version, losing the advantage of editing a few stores at the same time (for example in my case English is shared by the US version, the UK version, and the international English version, 3 per 1 whenn editing)

When using some modules Iike visual composer it allows to simply add the final part of the address (in this case: shop) so in each store version, the final part will be added to the store main domain. So the link is valid for all the stores

However, when using TB link editor (when adding a link for example in the category description) if I just write the final part, it will be automatically completed and saved with the actual BACKEND address. And this will be applied to all the stores. The result is a non-valid address

Any idea if I can modify any code line so TB works like Visual composer does it?

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Lacking such functionality out-of-the-box, why not to try direct database editing tool? Of course, it increases risk of database damage, but it can be mitigated by use of backups/ test environment. As for me, the advantages of this approach are obvious - i can maasively fix any links/paths to products

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after looking around I realized it should be "easy" to fix. Any way that the editor text do not force or complete http protocol in the hiperlink field?

For example if I put I link in a word: 0_1542184773346_036ed445-1a9f-4cbd-afe5-1572d00ae107-image.png

I click on OK. When I check the link I see the text editor just complete the field with the back office route: 0_1542184889644_eef3c069-f5b6-4eea-8c2a-f2ae341ff882-image.png

Any way to delete this function in the editor text? If I can avoid this function I just have to write "./whateverURL" and any navigator will complete the URL with the domain address :)

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