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GDPR panic meets rational thinking


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As we all know, goal of the GDPR is to reduce storage of personal data, especially for extended periods of time. Simple and obvious (but rational) solution is to remove such storage from the software. Done for DokuWiki yesterday, made a nice post, along with a HowTo, providing patches:

DokuWiki Issue Comment

What happened? Well,

  1. Extensive explanations why every single piece line of code has to stay the way it is and why months of head scratching about legal fine print is much more appropriate than applying a patch and solving the underlying problem.
  2. The issue gets closed and locked. Without changing the software, of course. Out of sight, out of mind.

With this kind of experience I wonder whether it makes sense to solve the underlying problem for thirty bees. In the weeks of discussions here and hundreds of posts, only one link came along with what I think is the right direction:


Thanks to the person posting it, very helpful. It boils down to "Take law makers by their word". They do want e-commerce (and other types of websites) to be successful.

But what should thirty bees do? Let people stick in their panic**? Provide some important looking band aid? Actually solve the problem and risk that nobody believes in such a solution? I don't want merchants using thirty bees to get upset in a fashion similar to the DokuWiki guys.

I'm not sure. Opinions welcome.

**) I hope I didn't upset people by just telling about the behavior I think I've detected.

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For basic shop GDPR compliant needs, everything is already there in TB. So not much work needed. Except that in case of more data requests it would be nice to have the button which would automaticly generate CSV file :) No pdf needed, as pdf is just for nice looking, law says machine readable not average Joe readable :)

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I made a use of CMS.tpl and Created new CMS category containing all the Rights pages and enabled that CMS.tpl Subcategories are only visible by logged in customers. Removed the clickable Title link from the information block, so information (with my normal CMS pages) block does not call the cms.tpl

0_1527671115306_Screenshot from 2018-05-30 10-54-54.png

0_1527671122882_Screenshot from 2018-05-30 10-55-04.png

0_1527671127892_Screenshot from 2018-05-30 10-58-43.png

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