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Feedback requested on big decision, and POS possibilities


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Hi, My wife runs a small local brick-and-mortar yarn store, with a PrestaShop 1.6 website. The store has a standalone Microsoft POS system that isn't integrated with the PrestaShop site, which has really held back our eCommerce operation. RockPOS seems to be the only viable-looking POS integration for PrestaShop so my tentative plan was to get all of our in-store products into PrestaShop so we could switch our POS over to RockPOS, then retire the old Microsoft POS.

However we've been increasingly frustrated by the bugs in PrestaShop, and the cost (in both money and time) of buying and maintaining all the modules required to keep things functioning. I had hope for PrestaShop 1.7 but now I see it's generally considered a failure.

Then I stumbled on thirty bees, which looks very exciting, but we're going to need a POS that works with whatever eCommerce solution we use. I'm assuming RockPOS won't be compatible, especially after the thirty bees fork diverges further from the PrestaShop code base; is that a valid assumption? I'm guessing that thirty bees won't have any commercial POS integrations for quite a while.

The way I see it, I'll either need to: 1) Migrate to a new POS with a good API, then write a custom integration app that uses the thirty bees API, or 2) Ditch open-source and move to Shopify or BigCommerce and use their integrated POS solutions (e.g. Square) until thirty bees has its own POS integration.

Any thoughts or comments from the community would be appreciated! Keep up the good work :-)

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I have always used https://www.pos-tpv.com/en/ with Prestashop and it has been excellent. We have a busy shop as well as website so we needed a decent POS. The one main advantage with this one over ROCK POS is that you can receive new stock through it and print your own barcodes.

I have tested Rock on both Prestashop and thirty bees - it works fine on both but I prefer all the extra functionality of POS TPV.

I have now migrated one of our websites to thirty bees and POS TPV is working fine with it. The support is also excellent.

Hope this helps.

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I was already thinking of suggesting a native module for POS, even if it is simple. For example, I have a store, seeing in the "Mercado Libre" and seeing in physical store, whenever sale occurs in any of these I have to change all stocks! I know that for free market I will need to develop something with their API (I am already solving it in python / django).

I also have 3 more stores that I take care of (father-in-law and sister-in-law) both need a simple POS. And all the small traders need it, too. It would be a great attraction.

I think it would attract a lot of people if somebody needs something better elaborate than buying a module.

I think of working with services in tb, but I am still immature in php / linux, once you are more confident and developing modules in PHP I will start in sales of services thirty bees! O/

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On 4/16/2017 at 12:07 PM, spidawebs said:

I have now migrated one of our websites to thirty bees and POS TPV is working fine with it. The support is also excellent.


your opinion is still the same? do you know if "pos tpv" will support thirtybees in the future? 

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