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[Module] Css Magician. Update your theme as you want


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HI, Css Magician is now available on thirtybees. CSS MAGICIAN as is name indicate is really a magician because without technical knowledge it is possible to change all you want in your theme as often as you wish and it run for all themes. On Front Office, You can change what you want and immediatly see the result. You can change: colors Fonts Add background images Blocks size Blocks margins Buttons etc...

At any time you can back to your original theme. And you can create several themes and choose which one to display with a simple clic. On Back Office, You can change (like the default prestashop theme configurator):

Add or disable socials links
Add or disable contact informations
Add or disable socials buttons on product page
Add or disable facebook block on home page
Add or disable custom CMS Block
Add or disable quick view window on homepage and category pages
Add or disable product categories in a list
Add or disable top banner
Add or disable available payment methods block
And additionnal features

Add fixed background
or add fixed video background

Remember: That modules Work for all the themes

See it on Thirtybees store.

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@vinum Hi! I am interested in this module but does it work with external modules as well? I pretty much figured out how to fix the css to my liking on my theme but my main issue is third party modules. I managed some changes, but not all. Some of them, it is pretty darn impossible to figure out where is what. I tried your module and it does a good job of indicating what are the concerned files. I am just curious, because it is a hefty price tag, if it works properly beyond the theme and the natural modules. Thanks!

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Some of them, it is pretty darn impossible to figure out where is what.

Can't talk for this module, but CSS files related to modules can exist in three places:

  1. themes/<theme name>/css/modules/<module name>/
  2. modules/<module name>/views/css/
  3. modules/<module name>/

Each CSS file about to get loaded gets searched in the above order. (3) is deprecated, but still used by many modules. (2) is where module developers should place their idea of proper CSS. (1) is where a theme can override (2).

Files in (2) get replaced by module updates. If a file in (1) is present, the one in (2) gets ignored. If the theme should (or you want to) override (2), but there is no overriding file in (1), create one. Starting with a copy of the one in (2) is a good idea.

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@traumflug I am usually able to find them but sometimes the name used are so weird, it is hard to identify what it is for. I am trying to change buttons colours on a module and I am struggling to make sense of where the colour information is. I managed to change other things but I cannot find the buttons to save my life... :(

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@movieseals Hi, Normally yes, it works with all themes and modules because the module recovers css selectors of the selected element. And a new features have been added (not visible in the demo), now you can choose a parent or child element of the selected element. Best regards, Presta Magician

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