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[Free Module] Block In Stock Products


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This module adds a tab for products that are in stock on the shop.

The module is adapted from the native 'block new products' module. Similar to the new products and best sellers tabs, this module creates a tab that can be positioned on home or in a column. Settings for number of products and time to cache exist on the configuration page. I have not tested the 'show always' setting very well.

This is the first module I have created ever and is in response to my need on my shop to have all 'in stock products' on one page for customers to be able to shop without spending effort scrolling through a long list of products. Please test and use at your own risk. I am a merchant and less of a developer, so support will be limited.

Install from tb's modules and services, enable, configure and adjust the position as necessary.

Download: Thirty Bees Store Source/Issues: Github

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