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PayPal Modul not work


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First of all: I am new to using with Thirtybees.

I have the current PayPal module 6.0.0 beta. Neither with the old nor with this module do you get the module to work.

I have tried everything possible, I went through the manual several times. Also, I have ensured that I use the settings of Developer Live (API, Secret). What I noticed, which email address must be in the app? There is my PayPal address.

When logging in with Paypal and also when paying with Paypal comes the following error message:

This action is not supported. Go back and report this mistake so we can offer it in the future. (Invalid area).

I hope someone has a solution, because at the moment I can only use the transfer function which unfortunately is not enough.

Thank you!

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Franzjosed please look here for the documentation of the module if you haven't done so already. I know there was one and mostly like the documentation will still be there to be found. It explains how to set up the module and the settings you probably have to make in PayPal's site.

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