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set up carrier for vouchers only


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I got a fixed charge on my articles for delivery. At the moment I have acatually only one delivery service.

But I also sell vouchers in the shop. These are auto generated (the code only, sadly) and customers receive an email with the voucher code (I also sent a Photoshopped Code via Email for printing).

The big issue I have is while the customer checks out he can only choose my standard delivery service (sds) and I really do not want to charge something for auto sending an email. I set up 2nd delivery service and called it "ONLY for voucher sending via EMAIL" or so. You get it. Thing is 10% of my custumers choose this service even if the buy heavy other stuff. ... annoying :) This 2nd emailservice should be free of charge. So I set it up like this but if I set it to be 'free" it is never shown in the cart checkout. Only if I say, yes, it shall cost somthing to use this service but 0$ ... then it appears. But I have the named problem that people have a tendency to choose this since it says "free of cost" despite they do not have a voucher in their cart...

Solution for me would be to restric this service only to vouchers. that is possible in Thirtybees but what happens when you got another item in cart, e.g. a bookshelf?

I did not manage to get a nice compromise working.

Is it possible? I know that I could not get this working since PS1.2x :)

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You can limit carriers to weight ranges. As emails are of zero weight, customers can choose the free delivery service for emails, only.

Not sure if this hint goes into the right direction. Having a carrier limited to vouchers would most likely need some custom code.

P.S.: if customers choose another product together with a zero-weight email, they're limited to the non-free delivery service.

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That was the trick Traumflug. I noticed that at least the German translation tells me so that there is a feature to disable the carrier if max range is reached. This also is the case for min range.

E.g. I set up my main delivery service for weight ranges of 0.05 - 31 Kg. Plus the feature to disable this service I 'max range' is reached. Then it works for me when I also have setup up the 'Email Voucher' service accordingly: Weight range 0.000001 - 0.001 and disable service if...

Thanks alot

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