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similar url - problem since upgrade 1.0.4 to 1.0.6


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Yesterday I upgraded from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6 with the new update module.

I now had a problem with the urls. I noticed this when I first imported some new products. As a test I manually added products. The problem was that the new products were not displayed and a 404 page appeared. Cache deleted, httaccess regenerated, etc. Older products were displayed in the category. The new products were missing / between the category and the product in the url. Adding manual / in the url also showed a 404 page.

By coincidence I have now seen that I have a category in a similar url. - pin-up-retro (Pin-Up & Retro) - rockabilly-pin-up-retro (Rockabilly, Pin-Up & Retro)

So far, I have not had any problems with that because they are different. Also in the tool duplicate urls there was no hint.

Now I have renamed the one category that the url now looks like this: from "pin-up-retro" (Pin-Up & Retro) to "pin-up-vintage" (Pin-Up & Vintage).

edit: The old and the new products were displayed in the category. There were no problems with the older products. Only with the new products appeared after the click a 404-side.

When I put my mouse on the products, the correct url was displayed in the browsers at the bottom of the screen (firefox, chrome, etc).

edit2: subcategories --> pin-up-retro (Pin-Up & Retro) -> under swimwear rockabilly-pin-up-retro (Rockabilly, Pin-Up & Retro) -> under themes (clothes, skirts etc)

edit3: url-format seo options article {category:/}{rewrite}

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While I don't remember exactly what caused it, I've had this same issue with new products giving 404 on an official Prestashop installation after an update quite a while ago, before I converted to TB. They showed up in categories just like you say. I had to have my more tech-inclined brother fix it for me as I couldn't create new products. (all led to 404)

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