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Hi all,

First of all congratulations with this release. I'm not a developer so this message is from the perspective of shop owner. I know there is a 'feature request section' on this site, but what i also would like is a 'crowd funding section' on this site. On this section people can post a 'projects' for a specific module that they would like to have developed. The difference between this section and the feature request section is would be a for paid development. I will try to explain.

For example: I really would like to have a module to sell physical gift cards ( just like an amazon gift card or Bol.com cadeau kaart (for the Dutch people among us)). I would post this 'giftcard project' with detailed description on the crowd funding section. Developers can than make an offer to do this project. After that people can 'fund' the project. They would have to pay in advance to an 'entity' of thirty bees. In his bid the developer has to state how much percentage of the money need to be paid before he will start coding. The Thirty bees 'entity' will release money to the developer after the project is completed. Once the project is finished the module will be released to the public as an open source module (and NOT only to the people who funded the project) In short :) this would be something like Kickstarter but than only related to the development of modules for Thirty bees.

In my opinion this 'crowd funding section' will be beneficial for Thirty bees, developers as well as shop owners. First of all thirty bees could charge a small monthly fee to developers in order for them to make a bids on a projects. In return Thirty bees will ensure that developers meet a certain level of competence to ensure the developed module are 'quality' products. Developers can can make money by developing modules and shop owners will not have to fund a module by themselves if enough other shop owners are interested. In case that a not enough people are willen to fund a project the project will be 'withdrawn'.

Lets say several hundred shop owners spend a few hundred dollars a year on modules (i know i do). When all this money is 'combined' I think we as shop owners get more value for money e.g. 1+1=3

Looking forward to read what other people think of this idea.

Best regards, Vincent

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Why ? If someone 'sees' a module that he would like to have he can fund the project with what he can miss. One can miss $10 and someone else maybe $50or more. One would expect that if you use this great software you are willing to contribute in some way. In the the idea i propose you have some influence on what is developed and what not.

Let stick to my previous example: Let say a full featured quality gift card module would cost $10.000 to develop. I know I can't afford this kind of money. However, if there are 50 or maybe 100 other shop owners who also would like to have this module we now all have to pay between $100 and $200 . I know for me this is a clear choice. I rather pay between $100 and $200 for a module that I really would like to have and that is released as open source than pay $0 and don't have that module.

Another option would be that the crowd funded module is first released to the funders and after 6 months or a year to the public. However, as I stated earlier I wouldn't mind if it was released to the public immediately.

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It is interesting idea you shared but hard to accomplish I believe. It is more like freelancer job who other way will not be able to publish module on the official store. The profit which developer in perspective will earn will be much more than what he could ask for single license I believe. And what about if the module has bugs or needs update with features, or compatibility update and it is already released free... what we really need is support which actually hears what merchants need!

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@MockoB said in Crowd funding section:

but hard to accomplish I believe I don't see why. See it as a challenge :)

And what about if the module has bugs I'm not a developer, but i image that it is the same as when a new module is being developed. Various beta testing cycles and than a final release. In the various testing fases the funders could test the module. The developer also should calculate some extra time to fix bugs after final release of project. Also once the module is released to the public as open source than other people can help the fix bugs if they occur.

or needs update with features That is not part of the initial project. If someone wants features added after release or want compatibility with future versions of TB than he can post this as a new project.

what we really need is support which actually hears what merchants need! If this idea would be implemented and projects are funded than that is what merchants need. Otherwise they wouldn't have be funded.

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