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SEO problem, URL changed after migration


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"While at the same time you do not have to deal with the fact that PrestaShop 1.7 changes the urls to all of your products, making you lose your rankings in the search engines."

After my PS 1.6 to 30BS migration my URL changed:

From www.massasjeshop.no/massasjestol/7-ma-z09-massasjestol to www.massasjeshop.no/massasjestol/ma-z09-massasjestol

How to fix?

Is this a bug?

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Clearly, you can keep exact URL.

But short Url are better for Seo, and the number in a product URL is not really necessary.

How many products you have ? Don't you want get clean URL and make redirection from the old URL. You can use module, or do it manually by adding 301 redirection in you htaccess file.


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