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Statistics Module v2.0.1 not working



Hi, when I install this module and click on the Stats link i get this error:

Fatal error: requireonce(): Failed opening required '/var/www/html/modules/statsmodule/stats/statsordersprofit.php' (includepath='/var/www/html/vendor/pear/archivetar:/var/www/html/vendor/pear/consolegetopt:/var/www/html/vendor/pear/pear-core-minimal/src:/var/www/html/vendor/pear/pear_exception:.:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/modules/statsmodule/statsmodule.php on line 785

Any help fixing this one would be appreciated.

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The solution is to go to github and redownload the whole module and manually upload it via FTP to the server...

This is a workaround and I think an issue should be created. I didnt find a way to select 30knees answer as the correct one, so i changed the title to reflect that it was solved...

Edit: Seems like i can only mark my own replies as correct... that shoulndt be like that

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