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Over the past couple of days I have noticed my website getting slower and slower the more products I add. I've read the Configuring caches in thirty bees The problems with speed optimization tools and Optimize / lightweight your images with ImageOptim and downloaded Optimize your images from thirty bees. Also found out there was more to the images and have turned on Lazy load images Enable webp images Have reduced the number of images on popular and new tabs from 20 to 12 images to load Turned off and uninstalled every unused or not required module

I haven't run "Optimize your images " yet as not sure on implications or is safe to use on a live website But is there anything else I can do to help speed up my website loading. I had debug mode on ,which started all this and said I might as well use a toaster lol At the moment I have 363 products using default theme Have 49 modules installed and for me site takes around 5 to 8 seconds to load Website is www.pewterjewellery .co .uk

Any help appreciated

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