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I have been trying to translate certain words to flemisch. But this is a limitation I think in the translations.

I have the following configuration: Dutch nl nl-NL Flamisch nl nl-BE

So Prestashop and Thirty Bees uses nl.xml for translations. While certain words are different in those dutch and flemish. How can I achieve that Flamisch is seen as an extra language?

Should we nog move to use Nl-NL and be-NL for as translation files?

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I'd say it depends on how big the distinction is.

Adding this dialect as a separate language is certainly possible, but also comes with a caveat: this dialect has to be maintained independently. Which means, as new strings appear, usually some 10 per month, they have to get translated for both dialects. Translations added for nl-NL don't get automatically transported to be-NL. Which might cause more work than maintaining, say, 20 distinctions between these two dialects in the local database.

If you're ready to maintain be-NL, let me know, I'll add it to the translations, then.

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It should be easy for any owner to add dialects.

See https://translations.thirtybees.com/ for language packs and on how to install them. There's nothing stopping a merchant from unpacking such a language pack, renaming it's files, packaging it again, and installing it as a different language. Despite its file name suffix, it's a .tar.gz file.

One can also go to back office -> Localization -> Languages and create a new language from scratch there.

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The issue what i have as a noob is that nl.xml is used for the files. This is the same for Belgium as it has the same iso code and this is also used for the url. What of course correct is. Although language codes like be-NL nl-NL and be-FR could be used.... website.be/nl/ and website.be/fr/ In Prestashop it works like that. Not sure for 30bees...?

It's a bit discussed here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/433189-multiple-languages-and-language-dialects/

I will install a test environment quite soon.

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Well that brings me back to the question how will or can this be implemented. In such a way that urls stay website.be/nl website.be/fr Or website.be/nl-NL and website.be/be-NL And the xml file uses for example be-NL.xml


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