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Eliminate render-blocking resources



Hello everyone. Just checked my new blank installation of 30bees on google page speed checker and its only 15 points on mobile version and 73 on desktop. I've got 90-99 on prestashop 1.7, on the same VPS, so this seems weird. The main optimization suggestion from google is "Eliminate render-blocking resources" which estimated to save 8.5s of loading speed. Is there any module or something to fix that?

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One of these render blocking resources might be the Facebook module. This downloads enormous amounts of resources, just for this tiny box.

For a fairly optimized front office, see https://front.thirtybees.com/

P.S.: a thirty bees default installation isn't exactly "blank". It's considered to showcase all the features available. Many of these features can get turned off or uninstalled to gain performance. Also, a default installation hasn't all caching features enabled (see back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance).

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