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How to choose quantities right on main listing screen




How do we tweak the default theme to enable:

1) Choosing the product quantity or option before addition to cart directly on the main product listing page? (see attached 3 styles). It is much more efficient than adding to cart and then updating quantities for each product. 2) Showing the add to cart button on each product without the user having to touch the product to make it show up. This is a bit cumbersome on mobile. The PS default theme has the button show by default but TB default theme has a different behavior.

Appreciate thoughts, thanks.




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Thanks @dosbiner I went through some threads on PS forum and recollected this was achieved either through large code hacks or a paid module.

That said, I think the Add to cart button should ideally show up without having to hover on it, keeping with mobile first philosophy. I remember this was the reason I had to stick with PS default theme.

What do folks think?

Is there an easy way to get the Add to cart button to show up a la default-bootstrap?

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