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[Panda]How to change background image of testimonials? And how to translate the footer headers(Contact, My Account)?


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What I mean by my second question is more clear in my image. I can only translate the links at the 'Custom Links' module, but not the headers of those links. I have already asked on the forum but the support person needs access to my site but I'm currently using XAMMP.



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You can center them do take these steps: 1. Set the "Heading alignment" to "Center" in the "Footer TERTIARY" or "Footer secondary" section under the "Footer" tab in the theme editor module. 2. Go to the "MIJN ACCOUNT"'s configuration page in the "Custom links" module to set the "Sub-links alignment" to "Center".

Check the #16 demo of panda theme v1, blocks on the footer are centered there.

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