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Since gmail started ignoring Reply-To headers, does anyone have some workaround for messages sent through contact form?

As if reply is clicked on mail, it automaticly takes customer service address (for:) and totaly ignores Reply-To 🙂

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Have found a way to fix it so its now working again.
I have shop mail as shop@domain, and customer service as customer@domain.

both mail accounts are forwarded to my gmail account, and both mails are allowed to send mail from gmail.

Now, for replying as customer@domain you have to have it added as usual and checked "is alias"

but if you are also having shop@domain mail in gmail, it should not be marked as alias, as otherwise you will always end up replying to customer@domain.

So, customer@domain is alias and shop@domain is not an alias.

That way clicking on reply adds correct sender from reply-to header.

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