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Paypal with Fee


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I want to switch a webshop from Prestashop to Thirty Bees. One of the modules I need to replace charges the customer a fee for the use of Paypal. Unfortunately the search for a replacement isn't going very well. 

Alabaz wrote: "Thirty Bees is an ecommerce platform "based" on Prestashop but it is not Prestashop. What's more, Thirty Bees expectations for improvements are totally different from those that prestashop has foreseen, which is why it is a "bifurcation" (fork) of the original. If you wish we can budget you to adapt the module for this ecommerce."

BestKit wrote the best option yet: unfortunately our module will not work with TB and this payment modules without manual adaptation. For this modules on TB we need to edit source code of payment modules and pass modified total (incl. fee/discount). We can't make clear estimation about this task, basic installation (including manually inserted code to modify total) we can do for free, but if you will not be satisfied with rounding, invoice view, admin order view all future changes will be handled for a fee only

Does anybody use such modules on TB?


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