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reCAPTCHA v3 supported?


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While I was trying to set it up (BO->Module settings) I got an error "key type not valid". I tried with google recaptcha version 2 (you can choose it while setting it up in google), it is just working perfectly.

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I have long ago abandoned the captcha proposed by Google, for several reasons:

  • We don't really know what Google does with the information it collects on our sites and especially what concerns the visitors
  • We are dependent on the availability of Google's servers and yes, even Google can have problems
  • We are dependent on the choices that Google can make on these scripts which can cause problems
  • The V3 never really worked and has multiple problems and the evolution of browsers may not improve things.

That's why I developed my captcha module that I use on my site and since then no more problems.


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