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Cant get get rid of free delivery

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I cant get rid of free delivery.


I have a delivery charge listed in "Additional shipping fees (for a single item)" in the product menu that I want the delivery charge to be.


Under Shipping/ Carriers  Free Shipping is No as is Handling.


No matter what I do, the cart always shows free delivery

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Presumably all active shipping costs are activated in all products.
deactivate the one shipment and check it. Do not forget to delete cache.


Maybe there is something missing in the settings.

show here and check all your settings



dont forget to scroll down


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This shipping area is a total minefield of problems I can see.

Thanks though, regarding your payment check above, it passed those.

The Shipping is extremely complex, far more than most would require and all the complexity adds lots of potential to go wrong. When cache issues compound that its unworkable.

I cannot see why all the complexity around all the generic weight rules cannot be overruled by a simple cost per unit by carrier model under the Carrier Billing Section.  I get the idea of trying to create a weight based system to rule them all for all products but really its just too complex. Plus it requires dimensions and weights for every product.

An additional simpler model  (to the weight and price options) could be a Quantity based system something like:

I have a product, product A.  It costs $10 and shipping to Zone A by Method A is $3.

Total cost is $13.

It should be variable by quantity.

ie If I buy 3x product A then per unit its $2 and so shipping for 3 is $6.

Weight is not a factor under this system.


If I wanted weight, I could choose the existing complex model.


@datakick what do you think?


At present I still cannot get the system to get rid of Free Shipping. However, it does still happen. But then I think once the system cache adds Freehipping once, its FreeShipping for all, at least thats how it appears. If I clear the cache it seems to improve temporarily.


This page discusses some of the issues https://www.prestashopmanager.com/useful-articles/tips-tricks/what-to-check-if-prestashop-carriers-are-not-available-at-checkout/


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