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  1. I asked this earlier in this topic of @Smile and got no response unfortunately @haylau I have spoken to the Panda makers once who said they'd like to help but a) its a big piece of work b) TB base is too small Doing this kind of work is, in all fairness, beyond the realm of volunteer work and its not surprising the guys here reluctant to help out. What I could see working possibly is this: The theme could be built as a collaboration between Panda (for example) and the guys here. We do very much need this. What we have is all we have, and it isnt enough now, let alone the future. Panda have done this before, they will probably know the best path under collaboration from people here. Smile needs to talk to Panda, he's the boss, its his baby. BOTTOM LINE: We members are going to have to pay for it, and we should have expectations around what we get. The money we pay should go to thirtybees, and Smile the owner of thirtybees, should pay Panda to get the work done with help from the guys here to keep costs down. Without this, thirtybees gets closer to to its own untimely demise.
  2. Following a rather disconcerting hack even through Cloudflare I do use Cloudflare to block just about every country I dont intend trading in to some degree now (except search engines). I also use your blackhole for bots, however they arent crawling, just accessing image url's I give them, so its probably not that. Right? I did whitelist their ip, but its probably Cloudflare, I'll raise it in that community Thanks.
  3. I'm wanting specific third party sites to upload my images for product listing purposes however they can't and neither can https://imgdownloader.com/ Is there some mechanism TB has which prevents this other sites from doing this? If so ... can it be overruled for specific IP's.?
  4. Leaving out most 3rd party modules is a totally understandable thing from a build point of view. I agree minimal is good, however it's obviously a pretty terminal thing for those modules people have or want if they aren't compatible so there needs be a clear process for assessing and handling what modules will no longer work properly/at all with the theme and what options the site owner has ... and what module developers need to do to get the module compatible.
  5. Awesome @yaniv14 are we going to get requirements for this and know what users want, then start to work out what is involved and whos going to do what? We should have a list of all users, then wants.... Then work out the doable list from that.
  6. Certainly sounds like a pretty dire need to get a quality theme going.... But from scratch @wakabayashi?? That sounds like an incredibly long hard road? Wouldnt it be easier to take an existing great theme like say Panda (that doesnt work properly with TB unfortunately), and speak to Sunnytoo (the maker of Panda). I spoke to him once before and it was just too much work for small sales to get it compatible with TB. Maybe if the talents here that have already volunteered to help could make Sunnytoo's life easier getting it compatible then it we could have something high class for TB? His code is obviously not open source (a far as I know). I am sure many here including me would pay for a decent theme (or at least components of a decent theme), it is a pretty large achilles heel with TB.
  7. I'd love to see sunnytoo get back involved. He makes Panda etc but looks like he gave up on TB? Can he be spoken with to help out @Smile with the theme.. its pretty important that front end is just as good as back end
  8. @jollyfrog @superbiche It would interesting to hear where you guys are at with doing this theme. Are you still interested or not so much anymore?
  9. Does anyone have a good understanding of what themes are currently compatible and will be compatible with the next upgrade of TB? I use Niara, Im of the belief that its about the only thing thats compatible with TB and modernish - given that sunnytoo has moved on from TB. I dont particularly like Niara, its pretty dated especially the checkout page. But I dont believe there's anything better, can someone prove me wrong?
  10. My site says its upgraded to 1.3 .... dont ask me how that happened though as I purposefully didnt do it knowing it could be hazardous... however it works fine fortunately
  11. Brilliant thanks had totally forgotten about this module since the rebuild also. Thanks @datakick
  12. You are bound to be right @datakick, but in my sendinblue account, a number of spam accounts have hard bounced... I dont know why...I just know Ive been ratelimited as a result... Is there a UI way to block contact_form emails? or will I need to make code adjustments...? By the way thanks @AndyC I did have that running before my old site was hacked, I hadnt resurrected it on the rebuilt site so thanks for the reminder.
  13. What are people using to control spam? There's two problems 1/ The incoming spam itself 2/ The mail that is sent to spammers confirming their message has been processed. In the second case, sending the spammers an email confirmation, usually to fake emails, causes hard bounces and therefore degrades credibility with 3rd party mail providers (I use sendinblue). This loss of credibility means real users mail arrives more slowly.
  14. Shouldn't updates be switched off and unavailable until the module is ready? From what @datakick was saying it could be hazardous to upgrade without the module mods
  15. I have version 1.2 ... I went to Core Updater and noticed many files ready to update presumably for 1.3. By good fortune I read this first. However I went to Modules and checked for updates, particularly for Core Updater module but it said Core Updater was up to date, which seemed odd given your comments above @datakick I'm not sure now whether to just go ahead with Core Updater, given that the module hasn't been updated... I don't want to stuff the db trying to update
  16. Well that's Prestashop's position and that position might very well be what creates multiple opportunity for TB. Although the advanced needs are diverse for merchants there's two points to make about that: 1. Creating a solid infrastructure that works well for most could set TB apart. Prestashop have given up and others don't really compete. Bugs exist but not so many that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to get on top of and then push TB as being leaders in this area. 2. TB can then build modules that cater to different needs providing the business case stacks up. For me the warehousing and admin is key and I'd certainly be up for having a solid foundation then more a advanced warehousing module on top.
  17. I have mentioned many things in here of substance, ideas and pathways for improvement. I have reported bugs, including terminal bugs and critical improvement. For months we've had virtually nothing fixed. I no longer mention things because they get ignored and there's no proper funnel for fixing things. I've offered to help in that process, I've put forward ideas. Datakick agreed this was good then went silent when we started to get into detail. The biggest problem is that there's zero network with module developers. Modules are set to die and there's no coming back from that. Modules will slowly stop working and there will be no alternative solution. Datakick was clear in his "we're all moving ahead" post that this was a big thing.... And yet nothing much has happened that I can see. Getting module developers to build to TB's lonely but good direction is a big ask of them especially with such few merchants on here and those that are backward thinking stay where we are don't upset anyone homeboys. Smile should have been dedicated to that issue and making that happen. It's been probably at least 18 months since I mentioned there was a terminal problem with the affiliate process for example. Datakick fixed one bit of the problem, then noone tested anything and still the process still doesn't work and there's been zero response to getting this fixed properly. I've mentioned multiple times about focussing on Warehousing and Advanced Stock Management where TB has a great opportunity to do good and really shine. No-one has even looked at that entire area. Probably most merchants use TB to list a few things on a website and it does almost nothing and they don't pay because its fairly useless. There's no process for building and helping small merchants grow their businesses. There's very little integration with marketing selling systems in social media . There's onerous and unnecessary complication for onboarding customers who cannot be bothered with all the drama and working with things that aren't super easy and quick and very easy to comprehend. People like me who have suggestions for change get roasted by backward thinking haters who just want me to eff off so they can slop about in their mediocrity.
  18. Totally. Correct. I was interested in being involved in the ownership of this. But it ended up with just Smile. Ideas take a lot more than just flicking money to the primary developer. They need plans, commercial nous, infrastructure, money, team and determination... and involving the right people in its success.
  19. I did have big ideas on where TB could go yes and I decided to use TB based on the fact it would have a great future. I can't see it surviving at all now. There's no one supporting its ecosystem and only a few merchants passionate about it now and I can see merchants are viewed with dark resentment by the old guard. It's been too inbred, arrogant and gutless, backward thinking, and incapable of the challenging talks, just people who want their egos stroked. I think Lesley did it no favours, and has probably left Smile with nothing much to work with. I still use it until I've extracted myself from it but I wouldn't recommend others do unless they want to be stuck with nowhere to go with it.
  20. The owner pays the costs of any business, and then he charges revenue to cover that. How difficult is that to understand? He only gets revenue if 1/ People pay it and 2/ He asks for it. And no I dont think open source equals free lunch, Ive been talking about the many ways to do this properly and make it an actual business with people working on it and getting rewarded, including the owner... and making it a kick butt website that addresses a big opportunity in the market.... By developing key functions that are in demand, fixing things properly, building a decent commercial proposition and taking it to the market. Currently is like a few little niggly old ladies selling balls of wool between themselves at a craft fair on a Saturday morning. The know lots about how to knit but nothing about how to market it. I gave you a lot more credit @wakabayashi and have supported your ideas... Ive put forward not unrelated ideas and concepts too and I'm surprised at your low level of commercial understanding of IT projects like this and how to make them really do good things for people instead of being the derelict standalone it will be, with no module builders interested in this thing, no matter how good its technical base is... because they want to make money... and to do that they need a setup that works commercially for everyone... not just technically
  21. I'm surprised at that little tanty @wakabayashi but I get that it's beat up on Mark time so I'll reply. I've stated my ideas a few times on here, just not in that section. I'm not ranting about there being no business logic for charging merchants... There's literally no business logic whatsoever for charging merchants to use the platform. I didnt say core Devs did I, I said Devs. There should be guys on this project being rewarded for the build, and not just Datakick. My comment about Traumflug were in relation to him demanding that individual merchants pay for code to get fixed. So much stupidity. Other than that he's working on Merchants Edition which seems to be competition for TB but I have no other idea about who does what and I certainly don't have anything against the guy personally. This is about TB and what a disaster it's heading towards for all merchants and Smile who has the misfortune to own this pup.
  22. It's certainly true I stopped donating to TB a few months after using it because I saw that there was no proper and transparent process for dealing with development and bugs. Since then I've given up on having anything to do with suggesting fixes other than glaringly obvious ones that are terminal and still are. I've said several times that I have no doubt Smile is a nice guy. Everyone is capable of being nice, including me. I'm deliberately trying not to be nice here. I'm trying on purpose to be brutal because I honestly believe brutal is necessary in order for TB to be the force it's capable of being. It is possible that I have totally misjudged this and actually people don't want it to be a force. I know full well that people will strongly dislike me for doing so and yet I do it anyway because I think someone has to do it. The reason I signed up to TB in the first place was because I liked the ethos and concept behind what TB was trying to do and the solid approach to technical robustness. However it's soul destroying to me that TB is dying because it doesn't do things smartly and think properly about outcomes for merchants and instead there's resentment against merchants and zero communication with them. TB is set to exist entirely on its lonesome without module developers or merchants. There seems to no interest in the commercial side of it and building the networks of support. Most of us will end up with non functional modules as TB wanders off into obscurity with no interest from module developers in making anything compatible with TB. Probably I'm not alone in having to ditch TB for multiple reasons and start again with a smarter bunch of guys. The Devs are mad because there isn't much/any money for them and we've got traumflug talking nonsense about how individual merchants should pay bills to get code patched up. I really feel sorry for the Devs that they face this level of managerial incompetence. There's so much that's commercially terrible about the whole structure of this operation and you Lesley set it up this way. Yes I could and should have paid more than 20 or 30 bucks. All merchants that turn revenue should contribute to it, but you didn't build any of this functionality and business logic into the platform so don't point the finger of blame at merchants for using it for free.
  23. By putting a whole range of solutions on the table I've been entirely constructive but because people here don't like challenge from me and don't comprehend anything much to do with commercial sense or success for project they try to get personal. It has definitely shown me that there is not enough capability here for this to succeed. It's certainly being run and worked on by tragic figures. The problem here is that I've always believed in Datakick and stuck with this bunch of people on that basis. He doesn't seem to be around much anymore so now I'm working on unraveling myself from this fail and getting in with a bunch of guys that know what they are doing
  24. These were all positive comments on how to do things properly. How old are you? 12? Put up arguments of substance not just hurl things out of your cot and scream and cry like a baby.
  25. I'm putting this forward as a discussion on how a project like TB should be run,: At present TB is an autocracy managed by 1 person and only that guy knows what's going on and he believes that as billpayer it's all about him. According to him we Merchants will sit in the corner and await His rulings on what is to happen. That's the single worst way to run any software project. Getting people's buy in and involvement and input is the only way these things work. Everyone has a vested interest in TB and that needs to be respected. We should be not at this guys whim, where progress over months is measured by half millimetre amounts and where nothing is disclosed. 1. Democracy not Autocracy. Get feedback from everyone in the ecosystem about what does and doesn't work. Merchants, Devs, End customers, Module builders etc. This should be a key feature in the site that's mandatory and core and without it, operations are limited. To start with its manual and that's partly replaced according to merchant taste by automatic feedback over time. 2. Set up the company properly with targets, ethos and clearly stated based on all the feedback and NOT as one person's cloak and dagger secret ambition. Visibility of what's going on is available at different levels... 1/ stakeholders 2/ merchants 3/ the public. 3. People who contribute on the project get rewarded and are stakeholders. Tasks are set a financial figure and when they are completed those who did the task receive shares or cash to a value related to that tasks value. 4. Tasks are set by several processes involving the entire ecosystem having a vote on each based on technicals, commercial value to merchants, and priority amongst other things. A small committee representing both technology and commercial decides the actual priority. 4. Almost certainly the feedback will involve charging merchants and how to charge. We build a transparent business model from this. 5. Read "Slicing The Pie" a very simple concept as to how to reward people for what they do. This can be done by time they put in or value created by what they do and paid out in shares or cash appropriately.
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