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Easiest way to add multiple images to each product?


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This worked for me but I'm wondering if there is a better way to do this, since I have several colors of products and several products to do this with. (I can't afford Store Manager right now, or maybe not for a long time).

I uploaded one combination product in admin. Rebuilt the index to add the product.

Clicked to edit the product.

In the product's images section, I clicked to add a new image and selected all the images for that specific tee shirt and clicked "upload files" and added the caption.

You can't see the images in admin unless you click them, but they are on the site.

0_1495039672693_added multiple images to one product via admin.jpg

This is what it looks like after the upload is done (and yes I know the caption is the same)

0_1495039800221_multiple images added at once to one product in admin.jpg

And here is the final result which is what I'm going for:

0_1495040106792_added mult images - product - screenshot.jpg

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Sorry for spamming your topic @alwayspaws, but @yaniv14 is there any way to have larger images just for the back office - products listing, orders etc. without affecting the front office appearance? Many of the products I sell are very similar and with close titles, and either I am on 24" screen I have to enter products to see larger product images to be sure if I send the correct item.

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@Traumflug said in Easiest way to add multiple images to each product?:

I think it should work the way you do it. Obviously thumbnails aren't created. Does Backoffice -> Preferences -> Images -> Regenerate Thumbnails help?

No, it didn't help but I'm not worried about it as long as I see the images online.

I followed these steps in case I'm missing something:

Preferences - images - Regenerate thumbnails Select an image - products Select a format - tmsmalldefault

Clicked regenerate thumbnails

Cleared cache and went to the product - still no image shows.

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@yaniv14 said in Easiest way to add multiple images to each product?:

Can you check the image url with chrome inspect element

This is the result but since this is PS and I'm only getting things ready, I'm not concerned that I can't see the images when editing the products. It would be easier, but I just go to my site and refresh the page and all the colors are there. No need to troubleshoot, yaniv, but thanks very much!

0_1495107462968_Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.36.34 AM.jpg

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Thanks for the suggestion @alwayspaws but my display is already with resolution over 2500x.... I am talking about my current ps 1.5 shop. May be it is different with thirty bees (1.6), when I have running thirty bees shop finally I will fight then with the image sizes. About @yaniv14 suggestion I believe it was for you.

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@yaniv14 said in Easiest way to add multiple images to each product?:

Can you try to disable mod_pagespeed in htaccess?

ModPagespeed off

I added that code to .htaccess via sublime but it didn't make a difference. I still can't see the product images in admin, so I put .htaccess back the way it was (from a backup copy. lol)

Does the code have to go in a specific place - before or after something else?

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