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Tickets in tawk.to

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Does tawk.to have ticket handling? When there is a rush in the webshop I think it's pretty hard to have full control over all incoming questions. Would be nice to have something that is integrated with the mail.

Couldn't find any good screenshots or info when googling.

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Thank you for your answer.

Thats great, don't dare to convert from 1,6 yet but soon I must cause I hate all the bugs in Prestashop

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Hmm, I'm wondering how this is supposed to work. I tried tawk.to out. Everything went smooth but I do have some concerns.

I do use the contact form on the contact page and have added in back-office contacts that this form should send the inquiries to my tawk.to ticketing email.

The problem is that it's my server that becomes the sender so it seems to confuse tawk.to. When replying to the conversation the answer is sent to my server mail and not the entered mail into the form. Is this possible to solve?

I tried asking the tawk.to team but they didn't answer emails and in chat they were actually pretty rude and not very customer friendly.

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