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Things Im sure just require easy changes but how?


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For the most part my newish site is mostly functional, not great UI at the moment.

There's things that I'm sure arent right and could well be better for users.

Maybe there's things I can very easily change to make it look better and be more logical and helpful., Im open to suggestions


There are some errors that seem obvious to me, but its more my lack of understanding I'm sure than the site itself.

Thank you in advance for your time to look and offer solutions and thoughts.


On the home page: https://product.solutions.org.nz/

Only one of my categories is there, despite me ticking for them all to be there

The information panel isnt visible on the home page, its only visible if I click this category https://product.solutions.org.nz/car-and-boat-parts-and-accessories

The information panel contains "Our Stores" which I have no idea where that comes from, but it shouldnt be there, we are online only. It just presents users with a failed Google API page and I want it gone.

The information panel doesn't contain some of the pages I created in Preferences/ CMS, and which are ticked as "Yes" as Displayed.


I'd like some of the CMS info to be available as a say a footer on all pages..?







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Well it depends, which modules you are using... Have you looked at the new html block module?

About the stores. There is a controller in your menu called "AdminStores". I don't know how the menu point is called, but it is inside "Preferences".

In general it's easier to answer such question, if there is one topic per problem. For example you say you are using module xy and it creates problem z. 

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