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Status Error when trying to edit

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Under orders / status order ... TB V 1.1.0

When I open the tab or page I get this error message .. I need to add a new status..

Also while at it is there a way to add a note to the Status



Unknown column 'active' in 'field list'

in file classes/order/OrderReturnState.php at line 121


SELECT `active`
FROM `tb_1order_return_state`

Source file: classes/order/OrderReturnState.php

102:     *
103:     * Starting with v1.1.0, thirty bees no longer equips the updater module
104:     * with database upgrade scripts, but equipped Core Updater with the
105:     * capability to read each class' table description and to update the
106:     * database accordingly.
107:     *
108:     * Retrocompatibility: as the above is just a plan and not yet true for
109:     * the time being, this was added as a kludge to bridge the time until it
110:     * actually gets true.
111:     *
112:     * @since 1.1.0
113:     */
114:    public static function installationCheck()
115:    {
116:        $db = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_);
117:        $result = $db->executeS(
118:            (new DbQuery())
119:                ->select('`active`')
120:                ->from(static::$definition['table'])
121:                ->limit(1)                                   (Not part of error but info, this has a red line though it) 
122:        );
124:        if ( ! $result) {
125:            $db->execute('ALTER TABLE '
126:                ._DB_PREFIX_.static::$definition['table']
127:                .' ADD COLUMN `active` TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1;'
128:            );
129:        }
130:    }
Edited by AndyC

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To fix this:

  1. disable debug mode
  2. open the page again
  3. enable debug mode
  4. open the page again


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