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I currently have a webstore using Prestashop 1.6 and am looking to migrate over to thirty bees.

However, we use Linnworks as our order management software that will sync stock levels automatically between our prestashop website, Amazon and ebay.  The software is also useful for centralising all our orders to pick, pack and ship.

With the recent price increase of Linnworks we were looking to switch to Selro, but they say they do not integrate with thirty bees.

Does anyone have an alternative to Linnworks that would be compatible with thirty bees, or is there an alternative option other than using a system like Linnworks/Selro?

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Them saying this can well mean "we didn't even try". Quite a number of PS developers apparently fear new customers using thirty bees. For hardly imaginable reasons, because thirty bees is as compatible as another software can be, sometimes even more compatible than PS its self.

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I noticed they also have a prestashop module.  You could ask them to let you test it out. It most likely will work on TBs if they have a prestashop 1.6 version.

If they would let you I would just try their PS module in TBs. 

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