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Hi Zen

Does the module you recommended integrate with the BlockLayered Filter / Search and supports CSV import?

During my own search for a Multiple Features module I found another:聽'Advanced Features Values' for PS 1.6.
Works like a charm and integrates with BlockLayed Filter and works with CSV import + it has great features like re-ordering of the values etc.
I was planning to write a small Instructional post in the near future on how to install this in TB and make it work with 1.1.0.
I was also going to make a suggestion regarding this. However, people keep requesting this feature, so I guess now is as good a time as any...
Also, I'm not sure where the right place is to make a suggestion, to reach out to the TB developers / 'Powers that Be'?
So without further ado:

Advanced Features Values Module (multiple values for a feature) by聽J茅r么me Danthinne

How to install:

  • Extract the package
  • Rename the folder by removing the -master text so it's just "Advancedfeaturesvalues"
  • Place this folder in the TB modules directory
  • Go to TB admin -> Modules -> install Advanced Features Values module

Caveats / Troubleshooting:

  • JS / Javascript error on BlockLayered / Filter search (in some TB versions)
    • If you encounter an issue where the block layered throws a js error, simply add the following to:聽
      var ajaxLoaderOn = 0;
  • CSV Import
  • Block Layered
    • In some cases, you may have to disable and re-enable Block Layered once for the new module to initiate

Suggestion for TB to incorporate Advanced Features Values Module for 30Bz:

  • As this feature is lacking in 30Bz, can the TB guys not reach out to this developer and ask to integrate the module into TB then update it accordingly?
  • It seems to work with all the built in themes聽of 30Bz.
  • This could save a lot of development time and enables TB to have a much sought after feature sooner rather than in the vague future later.

If you'd like, I can separate this reply into a separate post?

Request to聽J茅r么me
Also, I've reached out to J茅r么me聽and asked him if he'd consider donating this module to the ThirtyBees project.
For lack of contact info, I've opened up an issue request on the module repository.

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