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Not at the moment.

In fact, most people don't even see this tab. Markus doesn't want this new feature to be available to general audience yet. 

Core updater version with this feature is no longer available for update. And those who updated during the brief time that was available (as you did) can't use this new feature as well. That's because core code was updated to not support database changes detection.

Anyway, if you want to test it, I'd be glad. All you need to do is

  1. forward your code to bleeding edge
  2. add this line to /config/config.inc.php -- as shown in this commit

With this constant, your version of core updater will enable the database schema comparison tool. If you migrated from prestashop, or even if you come from older version of tb, you should see plenty of database differences. Most of them should be benign, though

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1 hour ago, datakick said:

It would, but that functionality is not implemented on purpose - this db migration thingy is still in an early phases, and there can be some bugs. It's much safer to simply not allow 'Fix all', or even 'Automatic fixes' right now

Ok..i unserstand that but i'd like to make it possible for those who'd like to, even with danger !


Because now ..it will take me maybe around 2 days clicking all the Time to fix it all..please tell me where to engage all recommandations even it breaks the dB afterwards..i'd like to test it.

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