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Front end Categories Empty after migration.

Joint Systems

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After migration of jointsystems.com/shop, the categories with  54954 products showup and can be sorted by category and edited  in the admin,  the categories all come up empty in the front end.  Ran functional integrity check and it fixed some errors but not the front end categories.    Though the database search in the admin shows all products indexed they cannot be found from a front end search?  Though the theme Logos and  pictures were preserved, including the slider all the product pictures are gone.  TB changed all the product IDs which we were using to update prices as the ID s were the part numbers, which tends to be problematic when many of the products change prices rapidly due to the trade wars. Sometimes if a product can be found when you attempt to add it to the cart the shop jumps to Jointsystems.com which has not been migrated,   Of course none of this matters since no one is able to order anything anyway. 



54954 products.PNG

functional integrity.PNG

indexed products.PNG

TB all product pictures gone.PNG

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