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Can not disable or change Panda Theme Advanced Banner


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On my test server installed TB 1.1.0 and Panda Theme V1.5.0 we can not disable the banner or make changes in the banner, images and text does not update.

On my live site TB 1.8.0-1.0.X  and Transformer Theme we can enable an already used banner and change it but not disable it. IS this TB or Theme related?

With debug on and try to delete the banner:

Screenshot_2019-10-11 https drankexpert nl.png

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It's a theme issue, or rather the module for it, stadvancedbanner.  Hopefully the author of your theme/module will fix it.  Have you tried to reset or uninstall and reinstall that module? Assuming you are on your test site, not your production site with 50 different banners or something....

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@Jonny On my live site we use the Transformer Theme, in the past with TB 1.7 no problems with enable/disable a banner in the stadadvancedbanner module. With TB 1.8./Transformer we can enable a banner but after enable it is not longer possible to disable it.

On my test server (clean install) TB 1.1.0 and Panda Theme V1.5.0. We can not disable a banner in the stbanner module. Changes i make in the backoffice of the stbanner (images/text) are saved in the backoffice but nothing changed in the front.

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17 minutes ago, Jonny said:

Did you change the Smarty cache? Check this video https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cq6XQautez I can't reproduce the problem on TB 1.1 + Panda 1.5

If you need my help to take a look, send me your site FTP and back office login details via a private message.

Problem solved. Changed the smarty caching type from MySQL to file sytem and everthing is working fine now. Thanks @Jonny

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