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Yet another attempt missing the point. Most shop pages are dynamic for a reason, not because programmers are too silly to make them static.

We had extended discussions about this with the full page cache, featured directly by thirty bees. Before putting such a module into production, make sure it always gives the expected results, even when using it as distinct customers, from distinct countries, with distinct currencies, with distinct languages, with distinct cart content, with changed featured products, with changed prices, with distinct vouchers, and so on.

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It does it work as far as I have tested it. 

It 'punches holes' for the cart and user info modules and they show perfectly fine. One can also punch holes for other modules but I don't find need for that at the moment.

It caches everything other than that. Probably will have to punch a hole for my content creator module because it doesn't show 'random' products now, but if it's working in every other part of the site why not use it as is and simply show only the 'latest' products.

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