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product qty when we get two orders on the same time of the same product

Guido Buldrighini


I have a problem, when I have a lot of sales at same time, customers can add products to cart and complete the process, until the payment is not validated, thirtybees dont rest the stock, so if you have 3 items, and 4 customers purchase at same time, until the payment getaway back to the store, the stock is not deducted, so when back to the store, you have sell 4 items instead or 3 items.
It seems the same issue on prestashop (2017):
and the try to solve with this fix:
but in thirtybees there is no class file PaymentModule.php
I use thirtybees 1.0.8

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There is PaymentModule class in tb. 

However, the proposed fix is not very good. It was actually rejected by prestashop.

Doing this check in validateOrder is way too late -- payment is already processed, and money are on the way to the merchant. That means that order should really be created, even if stock will go to negative numbers.

There is no easy solution for this problem, as there can always be some time that your customer spent off-site. The only way to solve this is to implement some stock-blocking mechanism, complete with automatic release

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