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Jquery error in BO


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so unfortunatly, recently jquery stopped working in BO, so i checked source code and this is result


Its working only on Order page, where jquery order is correct.

On other pages its not working. I checked AdminController

$this->addjQueryPlugin(array('scrollTo', 'alerts', 'chosen', 'autosize', 'fancybox' ));
$this->addjQueryPlugin('growl', null, false);
$this->addJqueryUI(array('ui.slider', 'ui.datepicker'));

also header.tpl seems ok too

We did unstall merchant expertise module before this all..

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Stopped working - i can load page fine but functionality is gone, i cant edit fields, i see source inside of them, editor is gone, i dont see price anymore and more. We did uninstall merchant expertise (installing and unistalling did not helped). Problem is with many admin accounts, duno why so many people have it 😕 - its not first time something like this occurred. No changes on server side either.

Here is ss:



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Are you sure these are all your console errors/warnings? It takes only one unrelated javascript problem and then jQuery isn't loaded and you get all these follow-up errors.

With javascript errors you should always look at the oldest first. All the rest can be follow-up errors caused by the first one.

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