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Bug in checkout when smart cache for javascript is activated




I am using 1.1.x version (bleeding edge) and I have found a bug within the javascript cache.

I have no guest checkout activated (but If I activate it the problem is the same) so if customers are no login when they arrive to the checkout, it should be visible the registration form to introduce the data. Something like this:



BUT, if I activate the smart cache for javascript, this is not showed and instead it appears:



This is wrong because it is showing the guest checkout (but it is deactivated) instead the fields directly.

This bug also affect when guest checkout is activated but the difference is that appearing this last screenshot would be normal, but once I clic in "guest checkout" button, instead of showing the fields without leaving the checkout, it redirects to the account page creation.


I have registered it in video:




Any idea how to correct it?



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in chrome, just click in allow after doing clic in install. It is about 3 sec 😉
about checking....I should know what to check first :S
No dev knowledge here, but since our shop is closed, I activated the smart cache for javascript so you can see the problem yourself if you would like.

Just enter here: https://www.lesielle.com/es/activos/retinol-vitamina-a-03/1 

Click in "reservar" and go to the checkout. You will see both buttons (instead of the registration form), including the guest checkout button (that is deactivated) and whatever you do you will be redirected to "my account" page

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